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Jagdish R. Dalal

Certified Outsourcing Professional

Founder and Principal, JDalal Associates, LLC
Internationally renowned public speaker
Chief Advisor, Thought Leadership, IAOP
Elected to Outsourcing Leadership Hall of Fame

Jag is a world-renowned authority and coveted speaker on management strategies, technology, and impact sourcing. His 50 years of leadership in globally known organizations have broadened his thinking and perspective. As an Indian-American, he has, as someone called it “an eastern soul with western thinking”. This allows him to bring a broad perspective to his consulting and speaking engagements.

In his consulting practice, his clients range from Fortune 100 companies to small “start-up” companies from around the globe. He has served on Boards of Advisors for IT and BPO services companies – with operations in the U.S., China, India as well as Costa Rica.

He has been invited by the Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, Costa Rican, Brasilian, Colombian, Costa Rican, Trinidadian, and South African governments and resident businesses to give speeches and hold conferences.

Prior to forming JDalal Associates, LLC, Jag was the Vice President, e-Business and CIO for Carrier Corporation with responsibilities for worldwide IS and e-business functions.

Jag Dalal is a truly original business thinker with the rare ability to distill insights across an almost encyclopedic range of topics from the workings of complex organizations, business-to-business relationships, management information systems, outsourcing, marketing, data analytics, among many others into clear, practical guidance for senior leaders. His style is engaging, thoughtful and always compelling.

CEO (U.S., India and China)
Insurance Back Office Operations

He is a noted speaker and publishes extensively on business strategies, outsourcing and information technology management topics. Jag is viewed as a “futurist” with a view towards thriving and surviving in the changing world. His series of lectures on outsourcing and the future of business have been recognized as “pushing the envelope” in strategic thinking while providing a practical framework for businesses and professionals. He has been interviewed and quoted by Wall Street Journal®, Fortune®, TIME®, Newsweek®, Financial Times®, Times of India®, South China Morning Post as well as CBS News, and NPR®; for his commentary on outsourcing and management strategies. He has conducted in-house seminars and conferences dealing with these subjects and providing management and staff a new way of thinking in this fast-changing world.


Leveraging Diversity for Success

And just don’t make it a slogan

Managing diversity is complex and difficult. Article discusses the steps in successfully implementing and managing diversity to achieve social and economic results.

Hope, Opportunity, Prosperity, Elevation

Impact Sourcing IS Social Consciousness

Impact sourcing creates a level of wealth and experience in communities where it makes a difference in the lives of people/family.

Women – Empowerment, Leadership Development

(Leveraging the talent)

Organizations can only succeed when they fully utilize their entire workforce to their best ability. Underutilized women in the workforce can make a difference to the company results.

Creating Team Environment in the “New Normal” Workplace

Post Covid-19

Current pandemic has disrupted the age-old management practices and processes, especially building and managing a team for success. It appears that the pandemic is not going away soon, so it is important that we learn to create and manage team in the “new normal”.

The Outsourcing World

Beyond Covid-19

Covid-19 has impacted outsourcing industry for both the customers and providers globally. The close interaction between the two has changed with WFH. The governance processes have to be modified.

The World of IT Outsourcing

Post Pandemic

As the pandemic began and spread, use of and importance of Information Technology(IT) became critical in keeping businesses open and productive. WFH for businesses and schools have introduced new and challenging environment and has changed the realm of IT.

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Previously, Jag was a Partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers responsible for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the Technology and Communication industry group. At PwC, he was responsible for the largest BPO deal recorded to date- Nortel Networks outsourced its Human Resources and Procurement functions to PwC under a $630M (5 years) agreement. Jag also led the “thought leadership” and marketing efforts at PwC in building the BPO brand.

Jag has held senior MIS leadership positions at Xerox, Unisys, Data General, Brookhaven National Laboratory’ and Teledyne. In 1994, as Vice President of Information Management at Xerox, Jag created the strategy and led the team responsible for a $3.2B global outsourcing contract for EDS. The strategy and development of this major contract were documented and is now part of a Harvard Business School case study. It is still used in several colleges’ MBA programs where Jag has participated and provided a deeper perspective on the case study.

What Makes me Tick
(and always have)

Always reading, thinking and learning

Looking at a counter-clockwise clock and asking “why not”?

Communicating at all levels and use humor to accentuate conversation

Being always active and not letting grass grow under my feet (except when playing golf)

Jag has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions in the field of Information technology management and outsourcing. He was recognized for contributing to the global outsourcing practice with an election to the Outsourcing Leadership Hall of Fame in 2014.

He is a voracious reader and enjoys golf, walking for exercise and is passionate about cooking.

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