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Jag Dalal engages both individuals and groups by delivering messages that resonate with everyone in the audience.  With an experience base spanning multiple industries and delivering positive outcomes across a variety of challenges, Jag has the unique ability to thought provoking for everyone

Andy Cvitanov, President and CEO

"Mr. Dalal's ample knowledge of the global outsourcing industry and his ability to analyze market competitive trends, helps bring to the business community a comprehensive vision driving best practices and knowledge sharing initiatives."

Gabriela Llobet, Director General, CINDE - The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency  

"Jag has a unique way of engaging with the audience. His deeply thoughtful messages are sprinkled with humor and anecdotes. He likes to challenge the audience to think with him and not just listen to him. No wonder, he has been one of the top rated speakers for all of 16 years that we have been holding Outsourcing World Summit."

Michael Corbett, Chairman IAOP
Debi Hamill, CEO IAOP

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"Jag Dalal is a truly original business thinker with the rare ability to distill insights across an almost encyclopedic range of topics from the workings of complex organizations, business-to-business relationships, management information systems, outsourcing, marketing, data analytics, among many others into clear, practical guidance for senior leaders.  His style is engaging, thoughtful and always compelling."

Dan Epstein, CEO (U.S. and China)

"Jag is a very insightful and compelling speaker.  He has the ability to cover topics at a strategic level while providing enough detail so that the audience can act on the concepts discussed.  I definitely recommend Jag as a speaker for both internal and external meetings."

Veronica Scotto, Senior Director, Global Geography Marketing (India)

"I have had the opportunity of participating on Jag Dalal conferences, What an interesting and entertaining presenter, keeps you at all time connected and into the topic. One of the most interesting person to present subjects such as Technology, Outsourcing Services that keeps you at all times into the subject. If you need a good person please count on Jag."

Mauricio Velásquez, Managing Director  (Colombia)





"I have been listening to Jag speak for over 10 years and I appreciate his thought leading talk tracks along with his engaging delivery style.  Jag has been a great inspiration to our organization by providing strategic planning support and more recently addressing our executive leadership team on the recent engineering services global outsourcing trends.  His knowledge and experience speak for themselves but his unique ability to connect with practical applications of that experience are unmatched.  I highly recommend Jag based on my longstanding relationship and experiences."

Lance Kwasnieswki, President

"What makes Jag a unique speaker is his ability to translate his forward looking vision and deep ideas into a narration that engages everyone in the audience.  I always feel that once I listen to him, I have new thoughts and thinking that I can immediately go implement for great results."

Vera Marques, CIO (Switzerland)


Jagdish Dalal                                                                       Skype: JDR80 Mobile: 860-614-1404
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